What Are Non Faith Based Drug Rehabs?

With so many drug rehab treatment centers using the outdated twelve step model, it is a question if anyone really experiences helpful rehabilitation. Especially when 90 percent of patients relapse shortly after treatment is over. Additionally, there are some glaring flaws that severely minimize the strength of these sorts of programs such as the trust that simply a higher power will miraculously be able to allow them to beat the addiction; instead of self-empowerment where the individual can believe in themselves to gain success. Moreover, atheists or other individuals with sensitivity to faith does not really prefer to take pleasure from this kind of rehabilitation approach, despite the twelve step method being the most widely available program, saturating approximately 95% of all the rehabilitation centers nationally. The only solution is to look through the remaining 5% of alternative treatment methods, which surprisingly presents more efficient solutions.

Here we check out non twelve step applications that are extremely dissimilar to the traditional programs in many ways. Instead of depending on religious elements, many non 12 step rehab strategies teach self-empowerment in order to eliminate the dependence on religion or other crutches when attempting to overcome an addiction. Because they treat drug addiction as a bad habit that can be remedied, non-religious drug rehabs can easily focus on the message of self-control and responsibility. Despite that it doesn’t indicate much by itself, you need to comprehend that most twelve step applications connect dependence as being suffering from a lifelong ailment that you have no control over. This can be a very counteractive statement because of how it undermines an individual’s opportunity to commit to changing one’s life. Because of that, there is a lower rate of relapse with non faith-based rehabs, with attention being placed on long-term self-empowerment / education programs.

There are a number of variations which can be easily seen when comparing non-religious drug rehabilitation applications to more traditional methods. Instead of group therapy, one-on-one counseling sessions greatly assist in helping the individual uncover the root causes of the addiction, which breaks the psychological reliance on the drug. Detoxification services will be added before anything else and is necessary for erasing even the smallest traces out of the body and prevent physical cravings for a specific drug. It readily takes longer than thirty or even more days for there to be officially completion of one of these rehabilitation programs. This is distinctly different from a twelve step strategy that only takes approximately twenty-eight to 30 days to complete.

As one looks around and gathers information, it is easy to see that other options can’t compare with the kind of consideration a patient can get through non faith rehab applications. Non faith-based rehab centers are not just for those who do not believe in a form or organized religion; they are for anyone who is looking for actual results.